Grandpa’s dream

He would speak of it as if it were a real place. A memorial set up to Honor World War II Veterans. Viet Nam Vets had one, Korean Veterans were getting one, and World War I Vets had theirs.


He would draw me pictures of how it should look, He would tell me of meetings He’d have, He would dream out loud. He told me some stories
Grandpa passed away about 11 years ago, but today, today I saw his dream come true. I was honored to accompany a group of World War II Veterans into the Memorial that was created for them. Walking beside Tex, Clyde, Harry, Duane, Bernard, Henry, John, and 50 other Veterans, we experienced the memorial. They’ve traded their Jeep, Destroyers, Planes, and tanks for walkers and wheelchairs, but they are just as spry as the days they remember. When we got there, we met up with several other groups from across this country, committed to the same thing, honoring veterans. Pride wells up from deep within. It leaks out my eyes. I can barely speak; it’s hard to breathe. But I am walking a little taller, there’s a snap to my step..
The news is here talking with the ladies and men who served during the time. I am the background, if I am noticed at all. I like it, the attention is where it should be. America, Home of the free, land of the brave. Thanks to a handful of these heroes. There are far more heroes whose song remains unsung. There are some who don’t even acknowledge they were there. But their loyalty helps us live in freedom today.me_WWII_2
Even though I am in the background, I have been given some instructions, I must honor some vets within my family, somehow, I must share their stories with others. I have Several fine examples of American Soldiers in my heritage, I was able to carry only two flags in with me, one representing my Grandpa, Clyde, and the other, my Uncle Harry. I said a quick prayer as I was in the memorial for each, then promised myself to sit down and write their story. This is my start, this is what I will do.


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