Adventure Begins at …OOOPS

MandK_PDX_BeachesIt was a beautiful day where we were, but something was in the air.

We had packed our bags, loaded the car, and had already driven to the airport.  It was a crazier than usual commute; more of the slow, careful drivers, and a handful of the rickey-rockets that zip through traffic.  Checking in for the flight seemed like a breeze.  We were early and decided to eat at one of the little diners in the terminal before going through security.

Right in the middle of lunch, my phone chimed, alerting me to an incoming text.  We were enjoying ourselves so I ignored it.

A few minutes later, my phone began to ring with an unknown number…  we were still enjoying our lunch and conversation.. so I sent it to voice mail.

We had just ordered dessert, a fruit and berry crisp with ice cream… I was thinking to myself, “indeed life is goo…”  when my phone began persistently alerting on email messages, texts, and missed calls.

2015-06-03 17.38.14Looking to see who wants to grab my attention so badly, I realize it’s the airline… our flight was delayed, and we will miss our next connection; tomorrow held our only options, but not without a little trial and error….yeah, mostly error.  we heard, “oh, wait! let’s try this…” quite often.  We also heard, “that didn’t work, I’m sorry”. There was much opportunity for frustration and outburst.

Once our flight was rebooked, we opted to get a room in Portland rather than fight traffic again, twice.  Ironically, we met a trainee who was learning the check-in process…  more adventures.  The motel was located near a quaint shopping district and we noticed a few shops and restaurants we wanted to experience.  The evening was blissful.

Once we finally got settled, i began to remember everyone we spoke with today.  If our day had gone as we planned it, we would not have engaged with Sarah, Stephanie, Renea, Phyllis, or even Karen.  We encountered several people who did their best to get us, and our fellow travelers to where we wanted to go.2015-04-30 08.18.17

We were faced with the lesson: to be responsible for what you can control, and let go of what you have no control over.  I am quite happy with my responses today; I saw a lot of growth from what I used to be.

Tomorrow, is a new day. A new adventure. And a new opportunity.

How do you treat others when your plans are interrupted?  What leaks out when you are in a pinch?


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