Beautiful Plan B

G_crossroads_1It was a beautiful day.  Particularly beautiful because I think I heard from God that day.  His voice vibrated my inner core, it shook deep in my soul… and yet it was so very subtle.  I couldn’t argue, I knew what I was supposed to do.  I immediately saw a fork in the road, a choice had to be made.

The day started as many others; I was deep in thought, trying to figure out a solution. I had processes flying around in my head, details were locked in my imagination, facts and figures were flowing into ideas. Just then, the phone rang, startling me out of my intensity. I needed to take a breath and break out of the routine.  The phone rang again, and I calmly answered it.  It was a long time friend; I sighed in relief to hear a familiar voice. But after a brief greeting, he said something that caught me by surprise. “We’ve been watching you; I’d like to make a proposal”.

At that point I knew he was serious; it was one of those life-changing offers.  I had a month to give a final answer, but it seemed intense and it went fast.  That decision is one of my defining moments.

I followed the standard decision-making process:  I prayed, evaluated myself, listed my strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons related to me and my family, assessed my values, tried to see my self in five years, assessed my leadership methods, and I prayed some more.  I landed on a choice I liked; it seemed to be the right choice to me, but no one else seemed to have the same insight or conviction.  I had another choice to make; follow my own desire, or decline my friend’s offer to be with my family.  I eventually chose to be with my family.  Honestly, “what if..?” was plaguing me for a while; I saw the option I wanted as the right choice… It was a “brass ring” of choices, or so I thought.

It’s been almost six months since that decision was made.  For awhile, I was disappointed.  I didn’t like the choice I felt I was forced to make.  But God has a different plan…  I see it as Plan “B”… and it is grander than the plan “A” I thought I saw earlier. God has promised He has a plan for us, a purpose, it is not an accident.  This new plan “B” is taking shape.

Too many times I think we see ourselves as needing to choose the choice God wants us to make.  We make it seem as if it is a right or wrong choice.  Yet, He has proven time and again, that He can make all things fall into His purpose; regardless if it is our Plan “A”, “B” or even our third Plan “Z”.

I am beginning to realize that I did not make a wrong choice; the choice I made was best for everyone involved.

Have you ever made a choice you regretted?  What would you do different if given the chance?  Did you see where God’s purposes were ultimately put into place?

Photo courtesy of @gunnarsimonsen Instagram Profile – INK361


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