Carrot or Calling

newport-bridge-yaquina-bay-bridgeWe’ve watched them from the cheap seats for years.  We’ve seen God guide them through difficult times, provide from what seemed like nothing, and still they have hearts that are faithful to God.  They continually lead others to the throne of God, encouraging many into the person God has created them to be.

Today was different.  Today we stepped from an audience member into a conversation.  We got to spend personal time with them talking about their story, talking about the provisions God has given them over the years.  They call it living by faith.  As we spoke of dreams and new things to come, they encouraged us to search out God’s calling.  Even when you think you know who God has called you to be, and you think you are walking out His calling, there are distractions that come and try to steal your focus.  Like a carrot on a stick, drawing you away from your intended path.

But what do you do in that in between time?  You know the time when you’re not quite sure if it’s God calling, or just the pizza you ate for breakfast.  The waiting time can be so unstable; unsure if you should jump in or hold your ground.  In those times, they told us to simply, “do what you know to do until you know what to do”.  In other words, keep on keeping’ on.  You may not be quite ready to do anything new, but you can continue to prepare and/or keep doing what you’ve been doing for a while.

lights in rainIn this process there are some things we can do to prepare for the new thing, while we wait for the right time to do it.  First of all, be patient; God has created you to be you, and what you do comes from who you are.  Be aware of God’s calling and provision; He has prepared you for this work, He will not just leave you on your own.  Recognize His calling when it comes; discern His paths while filtering out the distractions.  Once you recognize the call of God, be ready to obey His leading; just as Samuel was obedient to God’s call once he recognized God’s voice.  And finally, remember, God’s anointing leads us into discipleship; we follow Him as we do the work He calls us to.

We were very encouraged to listen to the stories of these humble servants of God; He has provided greatly for their needs… and many of their wants.  They minister from the heart of God, training leaders and healing the wounded and broken-hearted.  They build the very foundation of a disciples’ soul, pointing to the work of Christ the entire time.  Dave and Alice Darroch operate out of the Spokane Dream Center, and we were honored to hear their story and see just a hint of the heart they have to lead others into what God has for them.

If you’d like more information, their website is:

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