Looking Past the Present…into Infinity

Christmas TrashThe wrapping paper is scattered across the floor and the presents are all used by now.   Many of us are looking on to the next big thing.  How do you set your goals for the New Year?  what do you want to do?, what accomplishments loom in your future?,  in what do you want to improve your skills?;  All valuable questions, but why do we set New Year’s goals/resolutions?

If our priorities are set correctly, they can guide us toward our life purpose.  Yet too often, I find myself following my own purposes and letting my priorities slip.  Often times, the resolutions I made didn’t make it past Valentine’s Day.  Each year I would say, I am going to read this book, I am going to lose 10 pounds, or I will set a budget; only to flip on the TV and eat the expensive dessert when no one was looking.  Yep willpower and me are not real close friends.

Our priorities shift as the seasons of our lives change, and many times what used to be a high priority slides to a lower notch.   Sometimes we must shift our priorities to match the changing season in someone else’s life.  None-the-less, we still have a life purpose, something that is ultimately driving us forward.


This year, I’d like to challenge you to set your goals with the following in mind:

DECIDE who you are, and what your driving force is; living outside yourself is hard work

SET your goals to be attainable; slow and steady wins the race

SHARE your goals with a friend, or two; goals shared are more attainable

BE FLEXIBLE; it’s your life, no one else can wear your shoes

With that said, I have CRAFTed my goals for 2014,

  Comment on social media – Slowing down to read, engage, and respond.  Showing I care, and beginning a relationship — albeit virtual, it is a relationship

  Read- for application, not just content, choose a set of authors and study their work, discuss it with friends

  Activity – get off the couch, get out of the classroom, live

  Focus – live intentionally with my life purpose in mind, limit distractions, schedule purposefully, remain flexible and spontaneous

  Time to recreate – all work and no play….  Taking time for playing music, golf, and hiking

As I close, one of the things I have found I enjoy is to help others in finding their purposes, setting their goals, and walking with them while they achieve them, I’d love to help you with yours if you want it.



Thanks to Ashley Robinson for her inspiration: http://heartifb.com/2013/12/16/5-reasons-to-be-a-better-commenter-in-2014/






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