The Fading Sparkle


We’d been friends for many years. For more years than I could count.  In fact, I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t my friend.  She always had a smile and her eyes sparkled brightly.  She would always bring joy and lighten every room.  But today the sparkle was gone; her shoulders slumped with the weight of the world.  She hides a secret from many, but she goes on with life.

They call him Uncle; they think he’s a nice guy.  He helps with the school carpool, the neighborhood block parties, and he puts up a good front for them.  Many think he is helpful, most don’t know he hides a secret, only a few others know his secret; they are called victims.  They all hide the shame. But they go on with life.


I’ve fought my own battle of secrecy, some days I won, some days I lost.  Some days I felt guilt or shame, some days I felt ok.  In one day, I spoiled my reputation, now I have a constant reminder to never go back.  But I go on with life I go forward.  I made a choice to start my journey anew, with hope as my motivator.  Redemption is my cause.  Reputation will be rebuilt; my worth does not really depend on what “they” say. Tomorrow is too far away. I can only live for today, each step is built on another; the path to peace moves me forward. I am not alone.

Why is it that we hide hurt?  Why do we hide the shame?  Whether we are a victim, or an offender, there is One that offers hope. There is One that restores what was meant for destruction.  Sometimes another holds us captive, sometimes we are a prisoner from our own choices, but there is a promise to be set free.


Psalm 32 shares hope.  When the Psalmist held in the secret of sin, his body faded and dried up.  But in contrast, there was joy, victory, gladness, and unfailing love for the one who overcame pride to hide the secret. Relief also waits for you.

There is hope for all.  The weight will be lifted, the sparkle will return.  Fear is restrictive, manipulative, and demeaning.  The healing will come when a secret is revealed, reputation will be restored.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  I know place for help, I know the One who wants to relieve you from your guilt, shame, and secret.


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